"Honey-tasting parties will be the new alleycat"

Would you Adam and Eve it, Bike Snob NYC integrated beekeeping in his cycling blog (Bike Snob NYC - half way down the post):

"I do think that beekeeping is going to be the next fixed-gear. In fact, it's following exactly the same trajectory as the fixed-gear trend--it's slightly obscure, it has an element of danger, and now it has that all-important catalyst, a trend piece in the New York Times"

On a serious note, the profile of beekeeper 'David', mentions that his favourite honey is from the Linden tree, or lime tree. At the last FNRttC to Whitstable, I was telling Aperitif how lime tree honey is my absolute favourite. It is sublime. The honey I extract in August is a very good blend, but once I kept a frame out because I could see a defined area in the comb that looked very different from the rest. I decided to extract it separately, and it turned out to be lime honey. It was beautiful. It is also an unusual honey for an urban beekeeper to obtain, because the conditions have to be just right for the bees to go to the lime trees - and that time doesn't last long. Neither do the bees favour the lime tree, if there are other sources around. But once they are on it, you'd think there is a swarm going on. So, I watch out for this. There are lime trees in the area and when they are flowering, I watch to see if the bees are on it. Then I'll look in the hive for signs of lime honey. Alas, it has only happened once in the last 8 years. I must say also, of course, that no bought lime honey has every tasted as good at the 1/2lb I once extracted. If I could get hold of the same, I would pay as much as £50 for a jar.


  1. Onze lindebomen hebben dit jaar sterk gebloeid...maar er was geen enkele bij op te bespeuren. Dat komt zegt peip omdat de bijen bloemvast zijn, dwz ze gaan maar naar andere bloemen als de bloemen dat ze bezoeken volledig uitgebloeid zijn. Wat zou er hen op het moment van de lindebloei aangetrokken hebben...
    Meim en Peip x x

  2. waw, dat is speciaal zeg, zuivere lindehoning midden de zomer.wees er maar spaarzaam mee, misschien moet je wel weer 8 jaar geduld hebben...;)xxx