Bikes and Bees in One Day!

Bike without chain

And look at that light

Was thinking of Andy Allsopp here.

These pictures were taken at the bike museum in my birth town of Roeselare. My dad and I visited after attending a bee congress. Bikes and bees in one day!

After going round the museum and watching the videos you get a good feel of the excitement around local cycling heros, from Odiel Defraeye (first Belgian to win the Tour de France), Merckx, de Vlaminck, Maertens, Boonen... Barry Hoban gets a mention.

For the Flemisch Bee Congress, three speakers had been invited to talk about why they choose to work with a certain subspecies of bees: the Buckfast bee, the black bee or carnica.

A difficult question being answered by the Prof.

My dad was given an award for his 50 years in beekeeping.

As we left the congress building I spotted this - the notice in the window translates as: "Forbidden to park bikes". I guess they'll get around removing the bike stands sometime.

"Verboden fietsen te plaatsen"


  1. peip zegt: it's fine to remember good times!
    ...en preuts dat meim is op peips diploma.
    Meim and peip

  2. Snip/Was thinking of Andy Allsopp here./Snip.

    I'm hoping you mean the laid back bike, rather than the rifle. :)

    Actually, a gun could be the perfect addition to my commuter...

  3. it is amazing how a weekendje Roeselare can be translated in a fenomenal documentary!
    I am proud seeing dad on the pictures.

  4. meim zal wel preus bedoelen zeker???

  5. Inderdaad de t is er teveel aan. Het is "preus" in de zin van "fier".
    Oed wordn njè of liever oed zien!!