19 Sep - The William the Conkerer 200

Next Sunday I'll be doing an audax I haven't done before and will not do again: William the Conkerer. Why is it called William the Conkerer? And why will I not be doing it again?

Here is what the organiser wrote: "This is a delightful 208km route from Redhill to Battle via Mayfield and then up to the North Downs via Yalding. It is a hilly route with some great views over wide expanses of Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London. It is eligible for inclusion in a Brevet de Grimpeur de Sud claim. The event will run in 2010 only (a different ride will be run 2011)."

There is a nice profile image on William Weir's excellent website: Frere Yacker.

I'm seeing this ride as an autumn equivalent of the Poor Student, except its hillier and its not in Oxford. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they are 'shoestring' events.

Frere Yacker nicely summarises what a 'shoestring', 'x-rated' or 'basic' event entails:
  • An outdoor meeting place at the start (i.e. no village hall or other facilities)
  • Controls that will (generally) not have a person manning them
  • No-one to meet and greet you at the finish
  • No fixed finishing control – you simply get proof you returned to Redhill
  • Posting the brevet card at the finish using a SAE provided on the day
  • The usual audax comments about the need to be self sufficient, no marshals, support vehicles, broom wagons, rescue service, route markers etc etc.
If you are not put off by any of the above, you'll have a great time! I'm looking forward to it, it will be a challenge and I'll need to prepare rather than just turn up!


  1. De fietstocht zo a.s. zal zeker wel meevallen, maar "no meet" en "no greet" at the end is toch wel een beetje triestig.
    We zullen je volgen op twitter. Zal je op ma. 20 ste kunnen uitrusten?
    Veel sukses, meim en peip

  2. Ik zag nogal veel piekskes in het profiel, dat wordt een kuitenbijterke zoals ze zeggen.Naar 't schijnt, is de Dorset Coastal ook een schoon tweehonderdtje...Hopelijks weer mooi herfstweer op 19 september! groetjes xxx