24 Apr - The Severn Across 400

Can't wait for next weekend ... to be over.

No, not really. I am looking forward to next weekend. This 400 will be the second longest ride of the year behind the Bryan Chapman 600 in May. I think it is known that I don't like 400s (its the night section I want to be over). I really don't like cycling through the night after having already done 300km. Why do you do it, I hear you ask ...

I've just read some of the Faccombe Four's comments after they finished the Denmead 400 last Sunday "That felt like 200km out to Weston and then 400km back to Denmead." It brought back all my memories of doing that ride and the night section in particular, last year (Clicky) : long, cold, there seems to be no end. Why do you do it ... again, I hear you ask ...

Well, I do keep 400s to a minimum. The only reason I'm doing this one is to prepare for the Bryan Chapman Memorial 600 in May. The BCM is such an epic ride, I'm not ready yet to experience it from the armchair.

Before the weekend I'm going to swap the winter tyres for 'summer' ones. I also need to get the sleeping mat and bag packed, because I'm intending on having a kip at the finish hall before driving home on Sunday.

Otherwise I'm pretty much ready. Although, I could still stare at the map and routesheet for another hour or so.

Going anti-clockwise - from Bikely (Clicky)


  1. we too cannot wait for the next WE to be over... but all in all the weatherforcast is good, so we keep our fingers crossed for a good ride. We'll be thinking of you all the time, and look forward to your twitters.
    meim and peip

  2. Inderdaad, waarom, in ' s hemelsnaam.Maar ik besef dat die voorbereidende "koers" nodig is om de 600 te kunnen uitfietsen, en om de BPB al fluitend te peddelen!Allez vooruit!Met de zonnebril en een leuk muziekske op de MP3 moet dat te doen zijn hé.
    Voldoende drinken tegen de krampen nji...
    En dat ik nog nooit zo ver ben gereden...met de auto!!Haha