FNRttS April 2010 - Oxford - Saturday Update

On fast train from Paddington to Oxford.
Have Andrij for company (guy in photo is not Andrij).
The journey reminded me of Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar - Clicky

Oxford Station - time to go!

Rogerzilla's lighting system.
What's that coming over the hill ...



No planes but haze over London.

Breakfast in Acton.

kcass hiding tiredness very well (he cycled to Oxford to the start).

Building opposite caf. Sun is out! Lets go home!

So how was it? Brilliant! Fantastic!

It got my legs and lungs working keeping up with the guys and I climbed the hills better than last time. Although of course I still had to walk up Smalldean Lane!

A memorable moment was speeding down getting in to a village (not entirely sure where - Hazelmere?) when MattC asked 'Are you enjoying yourself yet?' The village had St George's flags hanging off all the buildings.

Thanks to road-runner for opening his house for us to have "mid night" tea, coffee, crumpets, flapjacks, clubs ..... it was a nice break. None of us fancied going out again too much, because it was going to be cold. It didn't take too long to warm up, but there certainly were pockets of freezing cold air.

I very much enjoyed the dawn moment getting into London by the M25. It was a very special night to be cycling and am pleased I captured it with the 'Haze over London' photo. The volcano ash is still causing flight disruption.

Thanks also to the guys for the navigation and support.

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  1. So pleased you enjoyed the ride . Very nice to read your report, we love the photo's.
    Meim and peip