FNRttS April 2010 - Oxford

Next up is FNRttS - Friday Night Ride to the Smoke.

The Smoke (the Old Smoke, the Big Smoke, the Great Smoke) is a nickname for London from back when coal fires would fog up the air. It got very bad one Friday in 1952 which lead to the Clearn Air act which is still often quoted. Here is a wiki link: Clicky

Rogerzilla of YACF is the organiser of this ride. He recently posted: "Forecast is still very dry and very cold." Bbrrrr. Will wrap up warm.

Its my first night ride of 2010 and it will be a good reminder of what's to come during the Severn Across next week.


  1. Maar goed dat er een clear air act ingevoerd werd, de royalties moesten toch gered worden... ze konden toch niet steeds in balmoral vertoeven.
    We'll be thinking of you!

  2. Sorry, should have read Clean Air Act.

  3. ja, duffel je maar goed in en stop regelmatig voor a hot drink met een koekske!
    Enjoy the ride in the dark!