The Dean 300

Second of the PBP qualifiers is the Dean 300, coming up next Saturday. The route, below, goes from Oxford anticlockwise to Chepstow and back, and further described by the organiser:

"On the way out, you go from Oxford to Stow-on-the-Wold and then Newent, mostly on quiet lanes. As you're crossing the Cotswolds, you get hills and views in equal measure. After Newent you traverse the Forest of Dean on the way to Chepstow, the mid-point of the ride. The Forest of Dean makes a wonderful contrast to the Cotswolds but it's still hilly. From Chepstow, you cross the old Severn bridge and head eastward towards Malmesbury where the terrain is kinder with the only significant climb at Hawkesbury Upton. Heading onwards to Membury, you climb over the Marlborough downs on quiet roads, and then to Oxford for a flat finish."

I'm going to be focussed, no time to waste. Its a qualifier after all. I want to gauge how 'efficient' I am compared with last year. I want to get out of my comfort zone. To finish at midnight would mean status quo with the calendar event from last year (good weather conditions), to finish half an hour earlier would mean status quo with the PERM event from two years ago (perfect weather conditions), finishing anything earlier relative to weather conditions, and I will be very happy.

So I am going to put in my apologies beforehand. If I'm not chatty during the ride, and don't stop at controls very long, nor post any pictures afterwards, I apologise. I'm going to be focussed, zoned out, as they say, or is it zoned in?

I'm looking forward to it, pretty much prepared bar putting track on GPS and I might change out of winter tyres. You can follow me on twitter as usual (they'll be short!), the start is at 6AM from Oxford.


  1. Apologize aanvaard! Zoveel goede voornemens: het moet zeker lukken.
    Als het weer is zoals vandaag hier zal het een prima rit worden. We duimen !
    Liever een "kort" tweeterke, dan helemaal geen.
    Veel geluk!
    Meim en peip xxx xxx

  2. Niet twijfelen, je staat scherp( goed getraind en goede conditie)alleen materiaalpech of felle tegenwind zou je kunnne ophouden in tijd.Hou een goed tempo aan en blijf zolang je kunt in je ritme en drink regelmatig.
    Zo, de coach heeft gesproken en morgen mag jij je beste Oxford ride ever rijden!Enjoy xxx