Bikes and Bees in one Weekend

See this list below? In 1912, Odiel Defraeye started a run of Belgians winning 'Le Tour'.

At the age of 21, he was the first Belgian winner of the Tour de France.
Odiel set up a velodrome in Rumbeke, which is being renovated. My dad and I went to have a look, since its just down the road.

The 'wielerpiste' is small and the sides so steep!
Some cool pictures taken before the renovations started, and while in use are here: Clicky

Next year will be 100 years since Odiele's win, and Roeselare (of which Rumbeke is a subsidiary) is bidding to have Le Tour visiting. Fingers crossed!

What about the bees? Have a look at this stash. Not gold, but as good as for me!

This is wax foundation for the bees, I stocked up for the year.


  1. Zeer interessant artikel: wij als "oude" Rumbekenaars, kunnen er zelf nog wat van opsteken. De "oude" en "recente" foto's spreken voor zichzelf.
    Geen spierpijn van dat zware bijenwas te dragen?
    Meim en peip xxx xxx

  2. De wielermicrobe zal nu wel snel uitbreiden in Engeland met zo'n affiche op je cycling blog!
    Proficiat met het artikel!
    Groetjes en een goed voorjaar voor je bijtjes !