27 Mar - The Dean 300 - Tuesday Update

Look! The forecast is getting better for Saturday! It was rain and winds at 32 km/h before. Don't worry, no, I'm not getting carried away; forecasts change, I shouldn't look at it, don't tempt fate, prepare and pack for all weathers anyway. "Expect the worst" they say. About 5% of my brain's capacity expects the worst. The rest likes to stay in denial.

But shame on me! How dare I write about the weather! Shouldn't I write about how I am looking forward to cycling through the Cotswold's scenery, climbing Cleeve Hill (the highest point both in the Cotswolds and in the county of Gloucestershire, "commanding a clear view to the west, over Cheltenham and the Cheltenham Racecourse, over the Severn and into Wales, and to the north over Winchcombe"), reaching the Forest of Dean, then coming back via the lovely Marlborough region?

I was on the other side of the fence last week, following Chillmoister's progress on the Denmead 300 PERM, which he was riding together with Urban_Biker. Scotland were winning against Ireland in the afternoon and the guys were well into the ride. England were losing to France in the evening and the guys were still cycling. Its a long day, even from an armchair point of view!


  1. We kunnen ons het landschap goed voorstellen, maar...als je 's avonds rijdt zal je er jammer genoeg niet veel kunnen van zien .
    We zullen je op de voet, of liever op de fiets volgen.
    Veel genot en veel sukses in alle opzichten.
    Meim en peip

  2. Pedant Update:
    Cleeve Hill may be the high point in the Cotswolds, but you didn't ride over the top of it! The road isn't nearly as high as other points further East (which you have probably ridden, either on this event or the 7Across).

    Great pictures though - I've been too tired or wet to notice some of those scenes. Rose-tinted nostalgia :)


  3. That is true MattC. And I realised we were not climbing all of Cleeve Hill when I overshot the right turn. :)