27 Mar - The Dean 300

Next ride is 'The Dean'. I rode the Dean as a permanent last year and loved it. I must be cautious though, I did it as a permanent in June and the weather was beautiful. It was one of the sunniest weekends of the year. I have read ride reports from previous Dean calendar events, and if the weather is down ... its a long way.

Route from Bikely - anticlockwise

So, I'll be setting off, early in the morning for a 6AM start in Oxford. I am looking forward to the ride, hoping to take in plenty of country scenery.

This time last year, I was doing my very first 300km bike ride and was full of apprehension. It feels very different now. There is still a wonder of 'what will it be like'. I should know the answer, but I also have the experience that each ride, even the same distance/route, can feel very different on the day.

Oh well, we'll see. It will be the conclusion of a tough month for me and dare I say it ... a treat no matter how it feels on the day.


  1. we are sure that you will make it as always, and keep fingers crossed for lovely weather.
    Love, meim and peip

  2. Dat is 6 keer 50 kilometers na elkaar, dus, 5 goeie pauzekes nemen hé !