FNRttS October 2009 - Oxford

Tonight, I'm going to be doing the FNRttC alternative called the Friday Night Ride to the Smoke. Makes perfect sense. Go out to Oxford by train and cycle back, home for a second breakfast by 7AM. So you do the hard work, before you start cycling. I know, only a cyclist would put it that way.

I wonder what magic FNRttS will bring compared with FNRttC.


  1. Hello Benga : trying to send a comment meim x

  2. We had a big sigh after LEL.But here we go=cycle again!So, our worries start again...So glad you made it and enjoyed the ride.Meim en peip xxx

  3. dag benga, ik probeer ook een comment te sturen naar je nieuwe blog, is een beetje zoeken, see you soon in november!