The Anfractuous 200

And this was another excellent ride. Have a look at the pictures on the slideshow, on till the next ride, or here.

It wasn't an easy ride. There was quite a headwind for a while and I was already tired after 90km. Its the first time I used my lights again, the days getting shorter. I want to carry on doing 200s during the winter. But I think hard 100s would be more enjoyable in a way. I love ridding in the dark when its a dedicated night ride, but I don't like riding in the dark so much at the end of a 200.


  1. prachtig landschap om door te fietsen, ben ietsiepietsie jalous...

  2. Een volgende keer misschien eens naar Chilham rijden als we afkomen??
    't Is daar ook mooi hoor!!
    Meim en peip