The West Bay and Back 200 - August 2011

"Don't get the paper", said Sarah, "I'll pick one up on my way".  However, whilst doing the groceries, and with the new financial turmoil on my mind, I spotted the FT - Financial Times.  

Got home to a Donko's coffee, and I opened the Life & Arts section.  "From bicycles to boardroom", let's have a quick read of that.  If you are curious like I was, the article is online: From bicycles to boardroom.

Turned the page and saw the headline "Flanders".  Geraint Thomas is leading a cycling holiday in Kortrijk - Belgium.  That is very close to where I'm from.  But why spend £869 for 200km, when you can do 1200km for less than £100.  What do you mean it's not the same? 

Oh yes, not long now.  Tomorrow, I'll be riding my last long ride before PBP.  Below is the route (double click to enlarge).

My best friend from work has entered also.   Last Christmas, he asked me if he could join me for 'one of those long rides'.  Sure, I said, I'm free the first weekend of August 2011.   I was surprised at his laughter, but if you are preparing for PBP, and you are a beekeeper, your weekends are pretty booked up.

He'll be fine, he's a marathon runner and cycle commuter with determination.  Told him about all the 'side-effects' of a 200 and he's still keen.  He's probably one of those people Zoe Williams described in her excellent London Cyclist article: with a "make it harder personality".  A brilliant line I thought it was: "... a cognitive ability to take a huge physical pain in the butt, and turn it into a sense of achievement so intense that you seek out ways to make it even worse".  It happens to be an article about night riding.  Funny that.

Anyway, the Financial Times, good paper I find.  Don't think I'll get to the financial bits though.


  1. Mer een vriend van 't werk west bay and back... Al op de tuesday blues gedacht!!! Dat zal een waterval worden in Rackspace!
    Heb het krantenartikel gelezen: voorlopig toch best bij het Rapha-merk blijven!!!
    Enjoy de fietsrit. Kijken uit naar je tweets en hopen op goed weer.
    Meim en Peip xxx xxx

  2. Rapha are having a summer sale .... and I need shorts.

  3. De financial times bezorgt je alvast " funny" times too!:)
    Enjoy de 200kms ( makkie haha ) en zorg goed voor je makker die volgt, tenzij hij sneller is dan jij!Groetjes en tot gauw xx

  4. Tip van meim: zo vlug mogelijk een Rapha short bestellen! "of you want to do à good thing, do it now , of you want to do enz...