FNRttC - Newhaven - Dieppe - 2011

The time has come!  If it wasn't for PBP this would the THE highlight of the year.

Tonight, from midnight, I'll be with the Fridays riding to Newhaven.  I am pleased that the halfway stop will be at Gatwick Airport again.  It has something special in the middle of the night, with no plane to catch.

In Newhaven, we have the most fantastic breakfast cafe.  That cafe is like a negative control in an experiment.  It has no style (a cabin), no decor (white walls), no scenery (underneath a flyover).  The question in the experiment is 'how do you rate your breakfast'.  The idea being that you are not influenced by external factors.  Unfortunately this experiment will always fail when the 'subjects' are the Fridays.  When having breakfast with the Fridays after a night ride, it doesn't matter where you are or what the breakfast is like. It is always a memorable experience.

Over 30 people signed up.  Some will take the ferry to Dieppe and ride on the next day to Paris.  Perfect timing for the finish of le Tour de France.

I need to fit in a long ride for PBP, so will take the opportunity to do a 300.  My route between Friday and Saturday looks like this (double click to enlarge):

I shouldn't expect the weather to be too good.  There will be showers, but it is warm.  And I am on a mission, I'm cycling home to my parents.

I'll be tweeting (@swarm_catcher)


  1. Zo'n lange rit Bengske... Maar wel de moeite waard: goede voorbereiding op PBP en de arrivee is aan t oveke!!!
    We gaan je verwennen hoor.
    Tot zaterdag!
    Meim en Peip xxx xxx

  2. Het wordt zeker en vast een generale repetitie voor PBP, Hou je hartslag maar goed in t ' oog:geen verzuring en preventief drinken en eten zodat de krampen geen kans krijgen.Let goed op nu je alleen op baan bent...tot in t' oveke!!
    Groetjes van je personal coach,;) xx

  3. Je hebt het goed gedaan!Alles prima ingecalculeerd en de verloren tijd kunnen ophalen.Spijtig van je blessures, gelukkig oppervlakkig en 2 platte banden.Nu alles op punt stellen voor PBP.grtjs x