Phillips Bike

Third time in a year! A photo of Sarah on a bike. You'd think she cycles more than I do.

Thank you to CyclesOfYesteryear for restoring the bike to fully functional order. Paul is an amazing bike guru. Its just a way of life for him. He doesn't talk brands or trends, he talks bikes and fixing bikes so that people can use them for whatever purpose at whatever budget. As I was leaving with a vintage bike, someone else came in with a top Pinarello. The shop was busy, but Paul still helped me get the bike in the car and tie the back door down. It was an absolute pleasure, nothing is a problem. Even, he even replaced the freewheel on a wheel I had taken in at the same time, no charge.

This is now my local bike shop ... its only 10 miles away as the biker rides.

Can't spot the difference? Good!


  1. peip zegt dat de fiets er goed gekuisd en gesmoet uitziet. De velgen en de spaken blinken, volgens peip.
    Nu nog een Vlaams (Indisch ) vlaggetje eraan en away naar de shops.
    Bravo, meim en peip

  2. Schoon stukske nostalgie en ouderwetse degelijkheid!
    Proficiat aan de vélomaker en nog veel plezier met je " bakfiets" xxx