14 Aug - The Radnor Roundabout 100

What a beauty!

Beautiful scenery all the way. If you want to get the feeling of being right in the middle of Wales, do this ride. From start to finish the landscape was stunning. I loved it.

It was a nice to ride just 100km also. I took me back to my early audax days, when 100km rides were still a challenge. In fact, I was also on the same bike I used to use, and all that goes with it: no saddlebag but a small backpack, long stops at controls, no lights to carry, just one bottle of water, 9AM start, hardly ever being without company, etc.

At Rhayader tea stop.

The reason for a shorter ride was twofold. First, I had completed a 200 in the area only last Thursday (The Severn to Wye 200 PERM) and it would give me a chance to meet up afterwards with the holiday group of people I was with. The idea was to have late lunch at the Stagg Inn at Kington, a Michelin starred establishment.

The holiday group of people I was with felt guilty afterwards, for having enjoyed such a fantastic meal, without me being there. Don't know why they felt guilty, because it was completely my fault that I had underestimated how long a 100 can take!

When I got to the start in Gladestry, the riders for the 200 were getting ready. Here is the organiser sending them on their way:

When I returned back at headquarters I said that the ride was over too quickly - I wanted more. Ross suggested I'd ride the Tregaron Dragon on the Sunday. No thank you! I heard about that ride - it is said to be harder than La Marmotte!

These rides are part of a cycling weekend organised by Ross Jeal. It should be called the Gladestry Cycling Festival really, with so many ride options, catering, camping, .... All very well organised. Thank you Ross! Ross' site: Gladestry Cycling Weekend

The photos are here:Clicky

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  1. Weer eens prachtige foto's van je fietstocht, en een interressant verslag.
    Nu aftellen tot vrijdag.
    Meim en Peip xxx xxx