Friday Night Ride to the Continent - 15 July

The plan:
  1. Meet the FNRttC gang at midnight Thursday at Hyde Park Corner. A well rehearsed event, just need to remember to go on Thursday and not leave it till Friday.
  2. Cycle to Newhaven, arrive for breakfast. Need to remember to make way to ferry and not train back to London (I know about sleep deprivation!!)
  3. Ferry to Dieppe, find hotel. Should be OK from now on, homing instinct will set in.
  4. Dinner and overnight stay in Dieppe.
  5. Saturday, leave early to cycle to Belgium, pick up supplies from market first. No need to rush, have 15 hours.
Fettling day tomorrow, Thursday. Expect a few progress tweets.

With a weather forecast like this, can't wait!

periods of rain. Winds from the SSW at 25 km/h.


  1. Blij dat we het verloop van je fietstocht kennen. Zullen bij Bengske zijn in gedachten.
    En verlangen dat we doen om je te zien arriveren op 't oveke.
    Meim en Peip

  2. Lap! Na onze hittegolg gaan ze het weer eens laten regenen en waaien in 't weekend! Om de krul van de krijgen.Hopelijk iets kalmer in Normandie...Good ride!