19 June - BPB 600 - Thursday Update

Tomorrow I'm off to Belgium for the 600 on Saturday.

I have received GPS tracks which I'm very pleased about. I was struggling interpreting the route sheet. I couldn't think what LA and RA would stand for. Sure it was going to be 'links' (left) and 'rechts' (right). But what does the 'A' stand for? Erwin answered this for me, but you'd think I would know right?

It seems quite a redundant little appendix.

I'm half packed, still lots to do tonight and I can do the last bit of fettling once I'm in Belgium. I'll be pleased to be at the start on Saturday. There will be a field of 25 cyclists.

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  1. We verlangen om je te zien morgen Bengske, en we houden het weerbericht in de gaten. Momenteel nogal veel wind, maar zonnig.
    Vlotte reis naar 't Oveke.
    Meim en Peip