23 Jan - The Willy Warmer 200

Lets try again to do a 200 in January. All the snow and ice has gone now - that is at least here in west London. It was a lovely and mild day today. Would have been perfect for cycling. I enjoyed my commute to work and am wishing for such a day on Saturday.

I cleaned my audax bike yesterday. Later in the week, I'll put new outer tyres on, and new brake pads. The routesheet has arrived and I have downloaded the route onto the GPS. And so I am getting geared up to launch into the new audax season.

Last year's Willy Warmer took me 11 hours. I am not going to try and beat that. Instead, this time, I'm going to take the opportunity to take photos. I'd still like to get around in 12 hours, then I could be home by 8:30PM. Of course, we also have to bear in mind the current road conditions which no doubt would slow us down. I reckon I am a bit fitter than this time last year, despite not doing the Poor Student. The Poor Student brevet card arrived today - so that is a ride I can do any time before end of February. I am eyeing up the weekend of 6/7th for that, but am going to play it by ear; see what develops on the YACF forum.

This is the route: Route. Starting in Chalfont St Peter, to Pangbourne, Hungerford, Kingsclere and back to Chalfont St Peter (anti-clockwise).

Here is the elevation profile, taken from bikely.com

You can also expect some tweets again: Twitter


  1. We hebben nauwkeurig je rit van 23 jan bekeken. Peip zegt dat er veel "berg op, berg neer" tussen zitten en dat het zal lastig zijn.
    In elk geval wensen we ons Bengske een veilige en aangename fietstrip en "droog" weer.
    Meim en Peip

  2. Here , it will rain on saterday and it will be chilly, windy and misty, hopefully you'll escape from this all by riding north.But be prepared for the worst: double soks and gloves, glasses to protect the eyes,a scarf to protect chin and mouth,an extra jacket, a bonnet under your helmet to keep head and ears warm, hot drinks and extra energybars, a loaded self phone and a couple of nice pubs by the way... !! Bye, good luck with the new tyres and fresh breakes!